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Routes - Chapada Diamantina

  • Poço Azul
  • Poço Encantado
  • Cachoeira Poço do Diabo
  • Cachoeira dos Mosquitos
  • Travessia Águas Claras
  • Vista Fumaça
  • Espelho d

Caves & Landscapes

Cachoeira Poço do Diabo
Leaving 08:00 AM, visit to the Mucugezinho River and the Poço do Diabo Waterfall, after the waterfall bath, visit the Lapa Doce Cave. 1 km crossing in the interior of the cave, full of impressive stalactites and columns. After the cave, lunch of typical foods. Soon after, we will go to the mountain. The place has a cave of crystal blue water, where it is possible to do a floating dive, and the Blue Grotto. In the afternoon, climb 20 min. To Pai Inácio Hill, with the famous view of the Vale do Cercado, Morro do Camelo and Três Irmãos. Return to Lençóis around 18:30 PM

Mosquito Waterfall

Cachoeira dos Mosquitos
Visit to Mosquito waterfall. A beautiful waterfall of 60m with several options of bath. Departure from Lençóis at 09:00 AM, drive to the farm parking lot. Before, stop at the belvedere for viewing the waterfall. Then we walk for about 40 minutes to the waterfall. After lunch, we will continue to the next destination ...

This tour has a half-time duration. Normally, we intercalate with another tour that can be: Poço Azul / Muritiba Park

Marimbus Mini Pantanal

Espelho d

Boat trip, departing at 08:30 AM. Car journey from Lençóis to Remanso, an old fishing village reminiscent of the Quilombo. Boat trip from 01:30 min, to the Roncador farm. Lunch of typical food and visit the Waterfall of Roncador. Return by boat and car on the same route, arriving in Lençóis around 17:00 PM

Fumaça Waterfall

Vista Fumaça
Walking tour, departing at 08:30 AM. Drive to the Capão Valley. Walk 6 km to the top of the Fumaça Waterfall (2 km uphill / 4 km flat). Trail snack in the canyon 400m high visual, with a view from above of the country's largest waterfall in free fall. Return by the same route and visit the Riachinho Waterfall. Return to Lençóis around 18:30 PM

Waterfall of Sossego & Ribeirão do Meio

Escorrega no Ribeirão do Meio
One of the most traditional trails in the city. Departure at 08:30 AM to get to know the Sossego waterfall. Along the 7 km, part of the trail passes through old areas of gold mining and the rest through the river bed, to the waterfall. After the bath and snack of trail, visit the Ribeirão do Meio, famous for the natural slide. The return to Lençóis is around 17:00 PM.

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